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About Us
  • Built on the foundations of collaborativebrain-based learning and a focus on real-world relevance, the Utica Center for Science and Industry offers truly unique preparation for college and career.  CSI students become adept at  21st century skills, including creativity and problem solving, through student-centered instruction, cross-curricular projects, and use of industry-grade technology.  If you are looking for a non-traditional, engaging, collaborative, highly challenging, and technology-focused learning environment, check out CSI.

     UCSI is a half day Career and Technical Education (CTE) program for students interested in engineering, mechatronics, or multimedia production.  Each year at CSI students take a CTE (or pre-CTE) elective, English and math. Students learn in a highly collaborative, creative environment using industry-grade technology, allowing them to transition to college or career with a unique foundation for success.  

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    Our location:  
    Joan C. Sergeant Instructional Resource Center
     14201 Canal
     Sterling Heights, MI 48313
     Phone: (586) 797-6800
     Fax: (586) 797-6801