Odyssey leads UCSI students to innovation
Odyssey leads UCSI students to innovation
Students with Board gameUtica Center for Science and Industry 9th graders were challenged to close out their first year by getting in the game through a unique "Odyssey."

UCSI students were challenged to collaborate in small groups to create a unique, professional board game based on the classic epic poem The Odyssey.  

The 23 groups drew on their graphic, math and English skills to market their games in a trade show environment. 

“This trade show format was really different from anything I’ve done before,” said Shamar Cooksey.  “We had to talk with a lot of people who came to play our game and had to quickly adapt to a new ‘audiences’ throughout the show.  What I really liked was that people actually played our game; it was more than just showing someone what we made or giving a report, they actually used what we made and had fun playing.” 

Students used graphic software – such as Adobe Illustrator – to design the game and made the pieces out of a 3D printer. The game had to include geometric principles and incorporate the plot, characters, events, setting, themes and literary elements from Homer’s Odyssey. 

““The best thing about the project was working with new people, with people that I really didn’t know that well before we started the project,” said Zoe Yaeger. “The most challenging part was trying to make our game truly unique, like 3D printing something unique to our game.” 

Said Dominic Grammatico: “Everyone in our group was really cooperative, everyone pulled his/her own weight. That is something I really liked about this project. I’d say the most challenging part was the design of the game cards.”