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Engineering Technology
Prepare for a Meaningful Career in Our Technology Filled World:  
•Do you wonder how things work?
•Are you interested in making people's  lives better?
•Interested in solving problems like finding renewable energy?
•Or how about solving environmental pollution?

Career Opportunities - Engineers use their knowledge and training in science and mathematics to find workable solutions to problems.   

Professional Experience - Some of the tools that engineers use are 3D models, computer simulation, prototypes and material testing - the same tools UCSI students use in the Engineering Technology program.  FANUC Robotic Certification available.  

sabo 3d coaster

Students will develop skills in:
•Problem Solving
•3D Modeling
•Amatrol Systems
•Market Analysis
•Project Design
•Report Writing
•Supply Chain Management
•Statistical Process Control
•Business Finance

Engineering Technology Careers:   
•Electrical Engineering
•Environmental Engineering
•Product Marketing
•CAD-CAM Design
•Chemical Engineering
•Tool and Die
•Industrial Engineering
•Automotive Design/Manufacturing 
•Biomedical Engineering
•Material Processing
•And more...