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Parents are encouraged to first contact their child's teacher to ask questions or share concerns regarding their experiences with their student's education.  Your child's teacher has the closest contact with students and are best able to address individual concerns regarding their child and the overall learning environment. 

If you still have a concern or question, the school administration would be the next point of contact. 

Below is a list of typical questions regarding Utica Community Schools.

Your Child's Teacher
  • Curriculum Questions
  • Questions Regarding Student's Progress
  • Information that may impact your child's learning

Your Child's Counselor

  • Personal or Social Concerns
  • Scheduling, testing or graduation questions

School Administration

    • Program and Classroom Concerns, following conversation with teacher
    • Discipline Concerns Outside of the Classroom
    • Building Management Questions
    • Curriculum Questions

    District Administration

    • See contact information for district-level questions/concerns
    Important Contact Information

     14201 Canal
     Sterling Heights, MI 48313
     Phone: (586) 797-6800
     Fax: (586) 797-6801

    Contact Information for UCSI Staff

    District Inquiries

    Phone: 586.797.7100
    [email protected]

    Food Services

    Pupil Services (Student Enrollment and Discipline Appeals)

    General Questions

    District Inquiries